Awesome Features

CanTeens offers services to both customers and the Canteens themselves.

  • Pre-Order

    Pre Ordering ensures the availability of your favourite food

  • Nurtrition

    Every product in the menu includes nutritional information

  • Push-Notifications

    You will receive a notification and an email if your order is ready

  • History

    You can view your history of orders placed.

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  • Faster Service

    The canteen has time to have your order ready and work more efficiently

  • No More food wastage

    The canteen knows how much food is needed to be cooked so no need to throw away leftovers

  • User Friendly

    A given platform accessible to the canteen to manage orders,accept or decline and view history

  • Saving Time

    The canteen saves time by having the orders completed and giving them away.

How it Works

We created a video on how CanTeens works

App Screenshots

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